Now, the puking

The Prozac has progressed from nausea and headaches to violently puking whenever I attempt to eat food. Or think about food. Am near food. It’s been fun. The upside is I am also not hungry. At all. But the the downside to that is people need food to live and do things and have energy. Not that I am really up for doing much since moving also triggers the nausea and vomiting. (Side note: I’m also watching iZombie, which is a weird choice while puking my guts out, but it’s good enough that I’m trying to ignore how gross the human brains are.)

Did you know that it can takes up to 25 days for Prozac to completely leave your system? It’s why my psych had reservations about it. The side effects weren’t so bad when I was on the 20mg, so I’m hoping the nausea doesn’t last that long. But who knows, my luck with things like this doesn’t usually hold out, clearly. Not being able to handle my drugs and being a crazy person isn’t really working out all too well. Maybe I should have practiced more as a teenager. Silly me for not developing a drug problem at a young age. You know, in preparation.

I may sound a little bitter. I may be a little bitter. It’s hard not to be at a certain point. I don’t want to sit here debating if vomiting is really that bad compared to life off the medication.

I got nothing left tonight. I wish I did.

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