I have a dog named Azlan. He is a fluffy, ridiculous husky that I love more than anything. I probably love my dog more than I love you. I might love my dog more than you love your child. I love him so much sometimes it literally makes me cry.

I would fight a bear for Azlan, no questions asked. I would not fight a bear for you. Because what the hell did you do to piss off the bear? Did you insult his/her bear pride? It seems pretty easy not to be attacked by a bear. I, personally, never have been. You being attacked by a bear is really a personal problem that I don’t want to be involved in. Plus, am I really your best option in bear fighting? I’m not even 5 feet tall. I mean, sure, I’m feisty, but the bear will still rip off my face. If I’m your best option in a bear fight, then you are up shit creek without a paddle. I should just stay out of it so at least one of us can survive.

However, I would fight a bear for Azlan. Even if it was his fault and he insulted their bear mother and deserved to be smacked around a little bit. Because I will always risk my life to save that little ball of weird. He also has a much better chance that I will win because I love him more than I love you and I’ll probably try harder. Sorry.

20151129_143242 (2)
Look at his face. Look at it. 

Azlan has also been a huge help with my various mental issues. During panic attacks petting his fluffy head calms me down and during depression he forces me to go outside. He is perfect because he doesn’t care if I’m sad or stressed. He has dog things he needs to do and I need to help him. It’s nice to have someone who treats me the same no matter where my head is at that day, who loves me unconditionally, who believes I’m the greatest person to ever live. Someday I hope to be the person he thinks I am.

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